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Product overview

Text Filterer is an advanced full text searcher for your hard and removable drives, and LAN. With Text Filterer, you can instantly search for single words, partial words, Boolean word combinations, exact phrases or words near other words within hierarchically organized collections of documents.

Classic Explorer-like interface allows you to easily switch between found documents viewing their contents in the preview pane, and navigate through the found entries in the text forward and back. Search results can be additionally narrowed by document name, location, date/time, size, title, author, subject, etc.

The Result Browser of Text Filterer is a new powerful tool with which you can browse files of your collection by folders just with one click. This works together with full text and other attribute filtering, so you only see files that meet your search criteria. This is unbeatable when dealing with collections spread out across multiple folders or stored in archives that Text Filterer treats like folders.

You create search queries in the form of persistent filters associated with a collection and reusable across working sessions. Switching between filters gives you an efficient way to explore the contents of a collection.

Besides plain text files, Text Filterer internally supports Unicode, RTF, HTML, XLS and PDF, and uses MS Word and PowerPoint (if installed) to index DOC, DOT, WPD, PPS, PPT, POT and other MS Word supported files. Text Filterer supports many popular image formats such as BMP, ICO, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PSD, WMF and more. Text Filterer can search and extract supported files stored inside ZIP, RAR, MHT and CHM archives at any level of nesting.

For JPEG and TIFF images, Text Filterer automatically retrieves and indexes Exif data embedded within those files. So with Text Filterer you can make instant and versatile filtering your photos by numerous image attributes recorded in Exif such as the creation date/time, camera make and model, picture sizes and quality, shooting conditions, and others.

With Excel files having same columns, Text Filterer provides an option to search the files by Excel columns and rows presenting search results in one view.

Text Filterer shows search results in the list view, with documents (or their parts called snippets) as rows, and their attributes as columns much like Windows Explorer does.

Column data of a search result can be saved to a tab-delimited text file for later processing with a spreadsheet or database application. Yet another option is to copy/extract resultant documents to a folder with or without conversion of them into plain-text copies.

Below is a typical look of Text Filterer's main window:

Text Filterer requires no or almost no training to be used as a standard personal search engine. In addition to this simple usage, Text Filterer provides users with advanced features that do require certain training.

Full feature list of Text Filterer can be found here.

Product overview What's new in this release Advanced usage Feature list Awards Download/Register Contact info
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