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Feature list of Text Filterer

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Snippet collections: manipulating and data presentation

  • Classical three-paned Explorer-like interface with ability to easily browse for folders, switch between hierarchically arranged snippet collections, view a list of snippets and read individual snippets at the same time
  • Manipulating snippet collections is as easy as usual files (copying, moving, deleting, etc.)
  • Tabular data presentation for the list of resultant snippets including both predefined and custom columns with the ability to sort them in ascending or descending order
  • Flexible file scope - defines the text source for a snippet collection, including setting up directories, file masks and date/time filters
  • Predefined columns - hold standard information about file name, file path, folder name, file last modified date/time, and snippet size. Yet another predefined column virtually represents a snippet's full text providing with the full text search capability
  • Additional predefined columns holding file attributes such as the title, the author, the subject, the keywords, and the comments/description
  • The ability to define an unlimited number of custom columns (data fields) of textual, numerical, date/time or currency data types using regular expression scripts - new way of composing regular expressions which makes the task much more easier than ever!
  • Building a snippet collection is fast and easy
  • Optional automatic rebuilding a snippet collection on its first open


  • The ability to search in both local and network documents located in shared network folders
  • The ability to search in ZIP and other archives in the same manner as in ordinary folders
  • Text Filterer efficiently searches even the bulky snippet collections with the total volume of hundreds of Mb
  • By default, search results are sorted by hits - the number of keyword entries found in a snippet - showing most relevant results first
  • Easy creation and storing with a snippet collection an unlimited number of multicolumn filters intersecting filtering conditions for individual columns, either custom or predefined
  • Keyword-based filtering criteria for textual columns (including full text search) and criteria based on values of the respective data types for numerical, date/time and currency columns - possibility for the latters to filter out values by their ranges
  • Searching for exact and proximity phrases is supported
  • The ability to save search results to a tab-delimited text file which is understandable by spreadsheet or database applications such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access
  • The ability to copy (save) resultant files to a chosen folder with the option to convert them to plain text files preserving original text layout
  • Customizable localized word-formative character sets with ability to include or exclude certain categories of characters such as letters, digits or additional punctuation and turn on or off the case sensitivity
  • Extremely fast multicolumn filtering (including full text search) based on the built-in powerful indexing and search engine - enables instant switching between filters to examine various aspects of a snippet collection contents
  • Managing column indexes is fully automated - no need to bother about creating or manipulating them!
  • Extremely fast building column indexes - perhaps, the fastest in the industry!
  • Highlighting and navigation in the Snippet pane by keywords found
  • Word-based and string-based incremental search while in the Snippet or Common definitions panes

Supported file formats

  • Provided that MS Word is installed on your computer, Text Filterer is able to utilize its capabilities for searching in files whose formats are supported by MS Word such as DOC, DOT, WRI and others!
  • Provided that MS PowerPoint is installed on your computer, Text Filterer is able to utilize its capabilities for searching in PPS, PPT and POT files.
  • The internal RTF converter makes it possible to search within RTF documents
  • The internal XLS converter makes it possible to search within Excel documents. The user has the option to search for data either by entire files as usual, or selectively by Excel columns and rows.
  • The internal HTML converter makes it possible to ignore unneeded information inside html-tags. Alternatively, if you need to find data inside tags you have the option to treat html as source
  • The internal PDF converter makes it possible to search within PDF documents
  • The internal Unicode converter makes it possible to search within Unicode files
  • The full list of supported image types is as follows: BMP, DIB, EMF, FAX, GIF, ICO, JFIF, JPE, JPEG, JPG, PCX, PCC, PDD, PNG, PSD, PSP, RLE, TIF, TIFF, WMF.
  • The following archives are currently supported: ZIP, RAR, MHT and CHM.
  • The temporary files dramatically improve performance making a search in files that requires conversion as fast as in plain text files

Regular expression scripts

  • Innovative script approach to writing regular expressions that are extensively used throughout the application. The task of composing a regular expression is now dramatically simplified by using meaningful names and plenty of predefined commonly used definitions!
  • Open architecture of regular expression scripts gives the user the ability to add his/her own common definitions according to his/her current or future needs
  • Convenient interface for working with regular expression scripts: immediate finding the definition of the variable at cursor, the history of recently found definitons, the text to try with the current script and more!

Locale-specific features

  • Text Filterer is supplied with more than 50 localized versions of ready-to-use common definitions scripts taking into account regional differences in the character sets and formats of numerical, date/time and currency values for countries and languages of the following language groups:
    • Western
    • Eastern European
    • Baltic
    • Cyrillic
    • Greek
    • Turkish

  • The ability to adjust locale dependent parameters of the common definitions scripts from within GUI - useful for fine tuning an existing locale or when defining a new one

Other features

  • Separately customizable fonts for the snippet text, highlighted keywords, scripts and trial text
  • Context-sensitive on-line help system

Supported operating systems

  • This version of Text Filterer works under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. It doesn't support Windows 3x/95 and NT earlier than 4.0. Working on Windows NT 4.0 requires Service Pack 6
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