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Advanced usage

This section presents some notes on advanced Text Filterer usage. Using advanced features of Text Filterer requires a certain preliminary training. The user should be familiar with several advanced topics such as:

  1. Concept and syntax of regular expression scripts
  2. Syntax of regular expressions
  3. Concept of common definitions

Please consult online help for detailed information on these topics.

Note that using advanced Text Filterer's features is a special case. You have nothing to do with them in most cases. Below are the situations when you may actually need them:

  1. If you have such document files that each contains a series of similar text snippets either separated from each other by a certain character sequence or limited by distinguishable boundaries, you can make them units of your searches instead of entire files. You instruct Text Filterer to chop document files into snippets providing it with snippet separator or snippet boundaries in the form of regular expressions. See online help for details.
  2. If your collection consists of documents/snippets having distinguishable pieces of information of the same regular structure across the collection, you can make Text Filterer search inside those pieces of information only. You do this by creating user-defined or custom data fields which can make your searches much more selective. See online help for details.
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