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What's new in Text Filterer 3.4 (10/27/2009)

  • The GUI look has been improved to be XP and Vista compatible.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

What's new in Text Filterer 3.33 (07/14/2009)

  • The Exif Viewer has been improved to be able to track Exif items of interest across images.
  • Exif data for multiple images can now be saved with one click.
  • Pathnames of search result files can now be saved to a text file.

What's new in Text Filterer 3.3 (07/03/2009)

  • The Exif data retrieval has been implemented for JPEG and TIFF files:
    • The Exif Viewer to display Exif data along with the image.
    • The Exif columns to facilitate searching by Exif tags.

  • New File size column was introduced to display actual file size.
  • New Total files size statistical field was added to inform of the total files size of a collection.
  • The Active Filter popup menu item has been added for a collection.
  • These bugs have been fixed:
    • The old serious bug that caused Text Filterer at times to fail to show the snippet list while opening a collection, and to issue the message «Cannot complete the operation: unknown error occured!».
    • File date/time has been displayed as UTC (not local).
    • Switching to Fit window mode did not work correctly for scrolled images whose sizes exceeded the Image pane size.

What's new in Text Filterer 3.2 (03/21/2009)

  • The help file has been re-worked into the Vista compatible CHM format.
  • Minor interface improvements have been made such as:
    • New Filter... and Filters... popup menu items for a collection.
    • Apply button instead of Make Active button on the Filters tab.

What's new in Text Filterer 3.1 (04/22/2008)

  • The Result Browser is implemented to improve user experience when working with collections of documents spread out across multiple folders or stored deeply in archives.

What's new in Text Filterer 3.0 (03/25/2008)

  • CHM archives (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files) are made searchable. It is now possible to search for text and files inside multiple CHMs.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.9 (03/09/2008)

  • PPT, PPS and POT, the MS PowerPoint files, are made searchable (provided that MS PowerPoint is installed on user's computer).

What's new in Text Filterer 2.8 (02/15/2008)

  • Proximity searching has been added. The user is now able to search for words occuring within the specified distance from other words in a document.
  • Automatic URLs highlighting in the text has been added. No more need to copy and paste an URL or email address into your web browser or email client -- just click on it once it is found in the text!
  • Ctrl+F to invoke New Filter dialog box, the must-have hot key for every respectful search application, has at last been added!

What's new in Text Filterer 2.7 (01/13/2008)

  • Searching in RAR archives has been added.
  • The old bug has been fixed that in case of a slow network, caused Text Filterer to hang when trying to change path specifications for an existing collection.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.6 (03/13/2007)

  • The support for MHT web archives has been added.
  • Incremental search for text column data has been added. While in the Snippet List pane, the user can now navigate to a document by typing first characters in its name.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.5 (02/27/2007)

  • The support for many popular image formats has been added such as BMP, WMF, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIF, and more.
  • The ability to conveniently specify system locations that shouldn't be indexed such as the Internet/Windows temporary files, Windows system, and Internet cookies.
  • The old bug regarding the indexing of DOC files has been fixed: MS Word used to interrupt the indexing by popping up its save dialog offering the user to save(!?) the document.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.4 (02/14/2007)

  • ZIP archives support has been added. It is now possible to search and extract archived documents at any level of nesting.
  • New Name and Ext columns are added making it possible to sort documents by their types.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.3 (09/04/2006)

  • The collection load time is significantly shortened - there is now no delay when switching between bulky collections.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.2 (08/31/2006)

  • The indexing algorithm is well improved as to the memory consumption - the increased performance and the ability to create even more bulky collections than before.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.1 (08/28/2006)

  • The ability to perform a manual selection among found documents is added. The user can now select documents to be able to easily return to them later, even in other session. Documents selected via one search can be added to those selected via another. Upon completion, selected documents can be grouped together into one view.

What's new in Text Filterer 2.0 (08/19/2006)

  • Local area network support has been added. It is now possible to search in/for documents located in network shared folders.
  • New Select Directories dialog - allows to select multiple directories, both local and network, all at once while creating or editing a collection. With this dialog, it is now easy to exclude unneeded directories from the file scope of a collection such as Windows system directory thus reducing the collection's build time.
  • New predefined Hits column - displays the number of keyword entries found in a particular snippet, if any. By default, search results are sorted by Hits showing most relevant results first.
  • Go to Document and Properties popup menu items are added for a current snippet in the snippet list pane. Navigational menu Go Next, Go Previous, Go Last and Go First are removed for their rare usage.
  • The following minor bugs have been fixed:
    • Several dialogs were adjusted for working with large fonts.
    • Current document in the snippet list pane is now made editable and saveable by other programs. Before, Text Filterer locked such a document.
    • Seamless work with MS Excel was achieved: data changes saved by Excel are now reflected by Text Filterer. Before, Text Filterer showed an old copy from the cache.

What's new in Text Filterer 1.6 (06/06/2006)

  • MS Excel files are made searchable. You can search either by entire files, in the same manner as with any other file types, or, alternatively, what is specific to Excel files, selectively search by Excel columns and rows. In the latter case, search results that come from many Excel files are presented by columns and rows in one view as if they came from one file. You have the ability to apply sophisticated multicolumn filters to column data in fact using Text Filterer as the data analysis tool. This can be particularly useful when working with a collection of similarly organized Excel files.

Consult online help for details.

What's new in Text Filterer 1.5 (01/13/2006)

  • The application has changed its name from AdScan32 to Text Filterer.
  • PDF file format has been supported. You can search PDF files for both full text and file attributes such as the title, subject, author and keywords. To extract text from PDF files, Text Filterer uses PDFConverterX, fast and accurate component from SoftInterface. We would like to express our gratitude to this company for an excellent opportunity to include PDFConverterX into Text Filterer!
  • Copy resultant files feature has been added. You can now copy (save) files that you have as a search result to a chosen directory. While copying, you have the option to convert original files into plain-text copies preserving text layout of original documents.
  • Unicode files have been made searchable.
  • New install program is now used with Text Filterer.
  • The following minor improvements have been made:
    • Snippet Pane's new popup menu items, Select All and Copy, to select and copy text into clipboard.
    • Interruptible progress display while iterating through deep nested directories when building a snippet collection.
    • Last rebuilt in (hh:mm:ss) label on the General tab of the Parameters dialog box to indicate time interval within which a collection was last rebuilt.
    • Default disk space for temporary files was increased to 500 Mb.

  • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • Abnormal enlarging the af file of a snippet collection as the number of filters grew was fixed. The error had happened under Windows 2000 and XP.
    • More stable work with temporary files has been achieved. Temporary files are now not deleted if Text Filterer is abnormally terminated.
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